Filtering users media by latest post / favorite or most downloaded

Is there a way to filter users uploaded media by the latest posted or/and by the most voted or/and downloaded?

We’re soon going to implement it in BuddyPress Media
You can track the progress of this feature on Github also.

Ho Yeah! a side bar widget is nice, but how about a full fledged page to show the media by latest post / favorites or most downloaded?
Something a la could be nice!

Does anyone have any idea how to code a page that retrieves the media from the BPMedia galleries and filter the results by newest, favorite, media type, tag ? Something like this:

Well page like that can be made but it will require so much custom work on the BuddyPress Theme.

Hi Gagan, thank you for the answer. I understand that coding a page like that requires custom work on the BuddyPress theme, but if a widget for the same purpose can be made, I don’t see how customizing a the BuddyPress theme can be much harder. There is a one column template in the default theme, adding some divs and looping the data is not a big deal. Don’t you think so?

@legalyblind :


As I said earlier; the issue you mentioned is already being taken care of. There soon will be a widget for the things like Latest Posts, Most Commented, etc., so these widgets will be using functions to generate the content which can be reused by the theme for displaying these media items the way you want. I hope it helps :slight_smile: .

Though I must say, currently our focus is on the totally revamped version of BuddyPress Media in which we’ve added many new features as well as changed many internal workings so as to optimize the plugin and give better user experience.

Thanks again Gagan… and yes, it does indeed helps. As a matter of fact that is exactly what I was hoping for. I’m looking forward to the release of this new features.
I’m not a coder, just a web designer, but if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.