File types accepted?

Hi. Can anyone tell me what to expect with the default plugin, please? What file types can be uploaded and where are they stored, by default ... my server, I take it? What do I need to be concerned with if just starting out? Thanks!

Hi @discdemo,

Most of the information is present in the readme and on the product page here. The default file types are MP3, MP4, PNG, JPG(JPEG) and GIF. All the uploads are handled and stored like regular WordPress post attachments and you can view them in the media library along with regular WordPress uploads.

To upload anything other than MP3 and MP4 formats on your server, you'll need the FFMPEG addon that'll convert other formats to the standard MP3/MP4.

If you don't wish to host the conversion or the videos on your server, you could opt for the Kaltura Addon that works with a account or a hosted Kaltura server.