File manager options

Hi all,

The more I play with the new Easy Engine, the more I love it. Thanks guys.

I am exploring the different options to allow a third party access the files in an instance of a Wordpress site created under Easy Engine 4. So far I have thought of using a sftp container ( but my limited experience with Docker makes me fear they could overwrite files in other containers.

What other option would there be or are my fears unjustified?



I’ve actually tried using atmoz/sftp to set users up with sftp access myself.

I’m still tinkering with it, but haven’t had much success with permissions.

I’m part successful in that I can add mapped users to the correct directory, but not able view files.

I’m really hoping V4 will be able to add sftp users with the correct permissions in the upcoming updates. That will be a game changer for me as I cannot currently commit to rolling out V4 on a production level at the moment. There’s a GitHub issue for it opened here

Let me know if you do have any success with atmoz/sftp :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointer on the Github issue. I was getting a bit too tired to be able to search properly.

Fingers crossed for this feature to be added in the near future. I will let you know if I come up with some working solution.

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