FFMPEG setup

Hi I have just a couple of questions re FFMPEG
1 If the Server URL is wrong you get an error message Media Node is not installed/configured properly. Media Node must be configured properly to use rtMedia FFMPEG However if you do not get any message at all is it set up correctly or should there be a message saying Media Node is set up correctly. Also is http://localhost a sufficient server url or is that why I am not getting a correct setup message.

2 I am rebuilding the livesite sharingstories.org and video thumbnails or posters seem to be an issue
http://sharingstories.org/stories/ seems to have the thumbnails built in. The activity stream of the devsite http://sharingdevsites.info/ssnew/stories/ does not and shows just a black background. My confusion is does FFMGEG automatically do this ( Generate Thumbnail in RTmedia settings ) or is something else doing this on the livesite.

Many Thanks

Hey @siteshack

  1. correct url is http://localhost:port/upload where default port is 1203.

  2. Yes FFMPEG generate video thumbs (if it configured properly) and update related activity content

Thanks will check everything. Just not sure what the the port number would be? What port is it relevant to. What port settings do you need to configure and where?

By that I mean do I have to check with my vps to open 1203? Configure 1203 or in most cases will this just work/ The other thing/ The check button tells you that the server is not confugured but does it give you a message that says it is configured correctly or does no message mean it is configure correctly?


To find media-node server port, run following command

cat /root/media-node/ffmpeg_server.js | grep 'var transcoder_port'

No error message means it is configured properly or You can check it forcefully using Check Status button in rtmedia-ffmpeg setting page if it is configured properly it will show message like Media Node is installed successfully on your server.

By the way I have this all working now. However the github code was broken and so I had to get the hosting company to manually fix it. I appeared to successfully instal it myself but it was not working. Here is what they said

After a lot of playing around, Media Node should now be installed, the install.sh script they provide has quite a few errors so I had to install a lot of packages manually. Could you please confirm from your end that Media Node is now installed and working as expected? :)

Many thanks Danny