FFMpeg and generating thumbnails

with the FFmpeg addon to rtmedia pro, I’m getting the following result when I try to generate video thumbnails.

The files you uploaded (rtMedia ids = ##) failed to get to transcoding server.

I’ve done a check to make sure media node and ffmpeg are installed correctly. Everything seems fine. Any idea what might be happening here?


@risingflow, Which version of FFMPEG you are using? Can you give debug info from rtMedia admin -> Support -> Debug Info?

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@risingflow, Thanks for reporting issue. We are looking into it and will update the plugin with the issue fixed.

@risingflow, Can you send admin credentials and SSH details to ritesh.patel@rtcamp.com so that I can check the issue. Also can you install this plugin -> http://wordpress.org/plugins/sql-executioner/ , I need to verify some of the database entries.

Did anyone have a fix of video thumb nail not generating when it uploaded with a iphone ios? I have a wordpress site.