Fewer updates please?

Rtmedia is a great plugin even with the free version, so thank you guys. :slight_smile:

I have a request. Would it be possible for you to push updates slightly less often? Updates seem to be coming in every week or so and it can get annoying after a while to update the plugin every so often.

Especially, and this part is important, when the updates are for Spanish, Russian, Polish, German translations and maybe a few bug fixes etc. Perhaps offer them in a bundle instead of pushing updates for every little thing? Other plugins don’t do this.

I know you guys are working regularly to maintain the plugin, but please also consider user annoyance as part of your efforts. That’s my 2 cents anyway.


Hi Sonal,

First of all thank for your compliment & appreciation.

Regarding your concern about rtMedia Update for language translation, there are many other user who contribute for their language and they want that update for their users asap, some of them also report some issue that might cause problems to others as well. If we don't release the fixes time to time, it will increase our free support.

For a time being you can ignore rtMedia update if you dont want to do it for every release, but I suggest you to keep rtMedia up-to-date because small - small issue can cause bigger problem in future.

Thanks, Faishal