Fetch rtmedia images from BuddyPress activity stream

I want to fetch the url of the image attached to a BuddyPress activity programmatically. Would you please guide me in the right direction?
Currently, I am trying to fetch activity details in “wp_head” action as following:

if (bp_is_current_component(‘activity’) ) {
$activity_id = $bp->current_action;
if ($activity_id) {
$get_act = bp_activity_get(array(‘in’=>$activity_id));

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rajat,

Yes, if you have activity id than you can easily URL get attached media. For that you need to use RTMediaModel class. Check following code.

$activity_id = activity id here;  
$media_model = new RTMediaModel();  
$media_obj = $media_model->get( array( 'activity_id' => $activity_id ) );  

// use get_rtmedia_permalink function -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/main/RTMedia.php#L1021 and pass id from $media_obj, it will return the permalink of attached media.

Hey Ritesh,
Thanks for your reply. I tried the above solution. But it returns an array with propertie ‘total’ => 0 for every activity.
Also, does your plugin get affected by caching plugins installed?

Hi Rajat,

That’s strange. It should return all the media attached to the that particular activity.
Can you check what’s the SQL query it’s executing to fetch the media.