Featured Video AND Featured Photo?

Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to have a featured photo set to use for a cover photo (already have this figured out and in place) but also have a video set to featured but separately from the photo so that the cover photo doesn’t change but I can easily pull the video that users select as featured elsewhere on the site?

I notice that Feature Media currently is limited to 1 no matter what. Is there a way to code it so that you can have 1 featured photo and 1 featured video and 1 featured audio OR is there at least a way to target a video that has a certain attribute??

What I’m hoping to do is display a users featured video elsewhere on the site so they can upload or link to a interview or short introduction if they want. I’d like for them to upload this via rtMedia (we have the Pro version).

Any help would be highly appreciative! :slight_smile:


Check this line of code -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/main/controllers/media/RTMediaFeatured.php#L57

We’re using rtmedia_featured_media key to store user’s featured media into user meta table. Whenever user sets new featured media, value of this key gets updated. Same way using another key you can set user’s featured video.