Featured media (video) doesn't play

There seems to be a problem with the featured media (video). It doesn’t play. See example: http://detag.me/members/admin/

However, if you go to the single media page for that exact same video, it plays fine. See example: http://detag.me/members/admin/media/20/

Also, you’ll notice the video seems to have been uploaded upside-down (rotated 180 degrees). On my computer using Quicktime the video plays the right way.

Also, I’d just like to add - the design of the player doesn’t look right on featured media. It looks different from the player on the single media page.

Compare: http://detag.me/members/admin/

with: http://detag.me/members/admin/media/20/

I’m noticing the same issue. Featured media gives “Video type or MIME type is not supported” on play but seems to play fine from single media page and on activity wall.

Same problem here with the featured video and uploading media at all presents weird sizes on the activity page. I thought all these things were being addressed in the latest update?

I have resolved the problem of the video being uploaded upside-down (rotated 180 degrees). That was down to the way I had recorded the video.

However, the video player (featured media) styling problem and the featured video not playing problem both still remain.

We are looking into this issue and this should get resolved soon.

@joshuaabenazer if you need FTP/admin access to my site please let me know. The site I have linked to is using WP 3.0, BP 1.8.1 and rtMedia 3.0.11 if that helps. Using default theme and no plugins activated (aside from rtMedia and BP).

@henrywright - Will let you know if it is required after testing it on our end. Thanks.