Featured Media for BuddyPress Groups

Hi there,

I would like to ask for the option to let a Group Admin set a Featured Media Photo for a Group. The process would be like this:

Browse to a photo in Group Media
Options > Set as Featured Media for this Group

Then it would be up to the theme to implement a way to display them (although I think it could also be done with hooks). Like:

          <?php if ( rtmedia_get_featured() == NULL ) : ?>  
          <?php else: ?>  
                <?php rtmedia_featured(); ?>  
          <?php endif;?>

I’ve attached two mock-up screenshots.

Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

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Hi Sir,

Thanks for your suggestion. Will discuss this with the team members. Thank you.


Hi Bowe,

I am sorry to say but it is not available. You may need to do some customization work of rtMedia for this feature.

+1 this. This would be a great addition.

Indeed - I had this going before in BuddyPress with a plugin from buddydev/Brajesh Singh on a custom theme, allowing groups to change their “profile headers” - we changed to to allow a user profile and group to apply custom headers images and also bg color and image if need be by using css inject the way to do this would be to allow a theme user to have a filed where he input the DIV ID of the container that sets a group header background… so if my DIV container ID was say “HEADER_INNNER” it would inject the featured media into the buddypress group header via css/js - willing to share code with all concerned… BUT as i said i just switched to RTMEDIA… anyway should we all club together and get this going?

By allowing the theme admin to set the DIV container, it will make it easier to integrate into other themes easier

Hi guys,

I would still like to have this featured developed and would want to pay to get this added. Who should I contact to make this happen? :slight_smile:


I sent you an email for the same. :smile:

Hi guys!

Super excited to see this featured was added in the latest version! You guys rock :slight_smile: I have been playing around with the new functionality and it seems to almost be working. You can set Featured Media for a Group, but sadly the media is wiped out when you move to another page. I’ve recorded a quick video to show you what happens:


Summary of my action:

1: Add the new <?php rtmedia_group_featured(); ?> template tag to my template (group-header.php) 2: Upload new Media and set as “Featured” 3: That’s it!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @bowefrankema,

This issue was related to group id and is fixed in recent version i.e. v3.7.23. Please update and let us know.