Featured image in post list now replaced by video

This is a tough one to explain but since upgrading to InspireBook 1.2, the way that my blog list is presented has changed and this is not good for my site.
My site involves posting youtube links and to avoid my blog list looking too bulky, I use a featured image for my blog lists so that the user only sees a thumbnail and when they click the blog link, they get to see the video.
Since upgrading to 1.2, the featured image is no longer being used in the blog list and instead the full embedded video is shown. I have attached images to demonstrate this.
I have reverted back to 1.1 for now, but need to upgrade to 1.2 and maintain the format in the BEFORE image I have attached.

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Hi Ben,
Can you please share your site details? So we can debug the issue.


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Hello Ben,

Thanks for site url. Can you send me WordPress login details so I can debug the issue.

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Yeah right, I will need Admin access so I can change themes, Also Needed FTP details.

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Hello Ben,

I am updating InspireBook Parent theme, By assuming you haven’t made in changes in Parent theme.

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Hello Ben,
I have updated InspireBook on your live site. It works fine. But when I activate child theme, site get breaks, It seems like there is issue in your child theme.

I have also saw some css stuffs that you have done for blog image alignment. For your information you can set these kind of things from backend.

Just go to Dashboard -> InspireBook -> Post & Comments.


For thumbnail size you can use Default Media Settings and set height and width as per you requirement instead make height/width fix in css as follows.

(Note: Once you set height and width through media settings you need to run regenerate thumbnails plugin. )

.type-post .alignright {  
    float: left;  
    height: 120px !important;  
    width: 200px !important;  

It seems like you are also doing something from backend.

Let me know for further assistance.


Thanks for the suggestion Sagar, but my issue remains, the posts lists show the embedded YouTube video and not the featured image as it previously did.
I have worked around this by just resizing the YouTube player, but it’s not ideal.