Feature suggestion: integrate with hhvm instead of PHP5-FPM


I’m busy manually playing with hhvm and it seems its reached a stage where we can productively use it with WP if I’m not wrong. Would be awesome to have this implemented…

Have you ever looked at hhvm?


+1 this looks extremely promising - some bold claims here from Paul at facebook:



As of WordPress 3.9, and HHVM 2.0 the following changes aren’t necessary as WP have updated their codebase to play nice with HHVM, and HHVM has updated itself to support more PHP stuff.
the hhvm team

ref: http://hhvm.com/blog/3095/getting-wordpress-running-on-hhvm
FastCGI http://hhvm.com/blog/1817/fastercgi-with-hhvm


I have a few links too, didn’t post them to give them a chance to check it out themselves but here you go:



@All This feature is handled on https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues/180