Feature request - Avatar link on Image pop-up


Would it be possible to have an avatar/profile link within an image pop-up.

This would be very handy when using your Show All Members images shortcode on a page. That way when a visitor or member clicks on an image they've seen on a page of all images they can find out who the image was taken by / is linked to.




According to what we have planned for rtMedia 3.0, there will be sufficient hooks (actions/filters) to be able to add extra functionality into our plugin.

Meanwhile you can get the current code here on which our development is going on. You may install it and give us any comments/suggetions. It will be welcomed.



When you say I can get the current code on that page what do you mean?

Can i download rtMedia 3.0 from there, is that what you are saying, if so where - it's not quite clear.






This is not supposed to be tested on live site. If you have a production site; you can test the plugin on that. And always take a backup of your database before proceeding with it.

The link provided is for the master branch of rtMedia 3.0. All the current development is going on that branch. It will not guarantee a full fledged working of the plugin; since we are still in process of giving it a final touch. You can consider it as a pre-beta version. You can fork the branch and get the code. The very same code can be put into your plugins directory of your wordpress site.

Please let us know if you have any further doubts.