Feature Request - A count under each photo to say how many times its been viewed


Feature Request.

Would be great if you could incorporate a count under each photo to say how many times it has been viewed by other buddy press members.

I know the site I'm building would benefit greatly from this feauture as I'm sure others would too.

A polling feature would also be useful, so that other members could vote on images for competitions.

Hopefully these get some votes :)



+1 to this. I raised a similar request for video views on the BuddyPress Media Github repository




We are in good company! https://github.com/rtCamp/buddypress-media/issues/277

We are adding a view count, download count, a rating API (can do %age, /5 and vote up/vote down) and like/unlike, and dislike interactions in rtMedia 3.0 http://rtcamp.com/news/getting-ready-for-rtmedia/



That’s excellent new Saurabh.

Do you have a ballpark release date for rtMedia 3.0 that you can share with us :slight_smile:



We have a planned beta towards the end of this month (around the 25th). This would just have the anywhere uploader and the anywhere media components.

We’ll be bringing it up to the current feature list in the next beta. We’ll be able to confirm the dates for this and the rest of the roadmap after the first beta.




View count support is already added in rtMedia 3.0. Views are already being counted for media on your sites.

In rtMedia-PRO, we have already added to sort gallery by "Most viewed count" in sidebar widget and in shortcodes.

Displaying view-count under each photo will be added in upcoming release of https://rtcamp.com/store/rtmedia-pro/



This is just committed to rtMedia-PRO.


This will be included in next stable release on Monday.