Feature Presales questions

Hi im interested of the rtmedia pro plugin but i want to know if that included:

1-Photo or Album categories
2-Integration with amazon s3
3-Auto thumnails for albums and hosted videos. I checked the free version and didnt work that
4-Shortcodes to display most rated photos on a page


  1. Yes you can add category to media which can be shown on single media view. Check this article -> https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia-pro-2-2-release/

  2. Yes, many of rtMedia users use amazon s3 and it works very well.

  3. Setting album cover is rtMedia-PRO feature. To set thumbnails for videos, you can use rtMedia encoding service. You can subscribe for encoding service from rtMedia admin under Addons tab.

  4. No, this shortcode is not available right now. It will be added soon in rtMedia-PRO.