Fathom Analytics, SSL problem

I’ve got several blogs under my VPS created with ee. Everything is working great but I’ve tried to install Fathom Analytics (an alternative to Google Analytics) and although the installation is running, the tracking is not working well.

On the documentation there’s a final comment to make the dashboard secure through certbot and letsencrypt, but the problem is, Fathom works on the port :9000. So I’ve got

  1. https://fathom.mydomain.com -> works, but shows the normal " Congratulations! Your PHP site with EasyEngine is working perfectly"
  2. http://fathom.mydomain.com:9000 -> works and loads the domain, but doesn’t track anything.

The reason is that the script tries to load the tracker here

  1. //fathom.javipas.com/tracker.js

And the tracker doesn’t load there, it finds and loads it on this URL on the browser:

  1. http://fathom.javipas.com:9000/tracker.js

If I replace that URL on the fathom script, it doesn’t work, and I think what I should to is a redirection through some kind of proxy to make the http//…:9000 site go to the https://… site. I don’t know if there’s any other solution, but if you can give me some hint, I’d really appreciate that.

Merry Christmas, btw :slight_smile: