Failed to upload Picture in Activity / Status

Good day,

WordPress Version: 4.5.3 BuddyPress Version: 2.5.3

Installed latest rtMedia.

I have selected a picture from Local PC to post in the Site Activity section while posting. My post is success but there is no picture showing. What could possible go wrong?

The same goes for Media page in my user account. I cannot seems to upload anything from there as well. Moreover, the scroll bar in the Media page (Albums, Photos, Videos, Music) is not working (I have to use mouse’s scroller to scroll the page). My scroll bar is working fine on my other profile page though.

Any advise? Thanks.

Hello @JowydS,

Could you please once confirm if you are facing the same issue when the other plugins on your site have been disabled and any default theme of WordPress is enabled into your website?

This will define if there is an conflict with either a theme or any plugin.

Thank you.

Hello pranalipatel, I have defaulted to wordpress theme with only buddypress and rtmedia plugin activated. It is still same, any other possible fix? I actually discover another buddypress activity plus ( having the same issue. Perhaps need to go for another fix…

Hello @JowydS,

We have sent you a private reply regarding your query.

Thank you.

Hello @JowydS and @pranalipatel

I have exactly the same problem. I have test on a basic install with only two extension : buddypress and rtMedia and on a twenty twelve theme. And the same problem still there. Maybe can you help me too ? Tell me if your problem is resolved ? Thanks a lot Francoise

Hello @TechNTic,

Could you please once check a similar thread here which might help you -

Thank you.