Failed to configure Wordpress to listen port 443

Hi all,

I need your help and recommendation how to setup Wordpress (website) and wordpress admin page to listen 443.

Thanks in advance

Hi mknazri,

For the easiest and most hassle free Wordpress installation you can use EasyEngine’s following command for a basic Wordress Site setup:

sudo ee site create --wp

You can find EasyEngine documentation at

To setup Wordpress admin page to listen 443 you can go through our tutorials at

Then you must configure your DNS and stand by propagation.

Then you run ee site update --le in order to add a Let‘s Encrypt certificate for free.

Then you run:

cd /var/www/
wp option set home
wp option set siteurl

Then you finish setting up your WP as usual.

Hi ssalil,

Thanks for your info. It help me a lot!

Hi janiosarmento,

Wow, let me try your way. Looks easy

Hi janiosarmento,

It’s working like a charm!