Facebook - Total Count


This is the best social-sharing plugin for WordPress I’ve come across (and I’ve tried a fair few).

The only let-down for me so far is that there isn’t an option to show the total count for Facebook (your plugin shows the number of shares, but not the number of likes or comments). It would be nice to show the total count - is this possible?

For example, on one of my client’s sites, http://www.sharedcount.com/ shows:

Facebook Likes: 263 Shares: 134 Comments: 87 Total: 484

rtsocial shows 134 for facebook.

In fact, this doesn’t make any sense, as the button you provide for Facebook says “LIKE” - when in fact it’s not showing likes, it’s showing shares.

If this could be addressed, then it would be a winner.



Hi there, I noticed that you are linking to Sharedcount.com on your article http://community.easyengine.io/t/facebook-total-count/2620 . As that service is being discontinued, perhaps it could be useful to replace the link for Sharescount.com, a new working alternative. Keep up the great work!