Facebook and Flickr integration

Hi Rahul,

we talked about this a couple of years ago and I’m glad to see that you rebuild your plugin in a modular and freemium way.

I would like to see in your road map, integration with Flickr and Facebook photo libraries, as those are the hugest and widely used ways to store images and, for sure, the cheapest :slight_smile:

I can estimate that in a web community, both new or old, more than 90% of users have account on FB and many also in Flickr and would like to use the already uploaded images in their BP accounts and WPMS site.

This will be useful for network’s owners that don’t need to buy extra storage space, even increasing user’s experience. A big step to externalize storage costs.

Hope this make sense.

Thanks a lot for your work


Its too early to comment on facebook/flickr integration.

I think for images local-storage on server running WordPress will be good enough. We will be adding CDN integration feature. It can help in faster image serving without increasing load on server running WordPress itself.

Since we are making this plugin extensible, I hope some other developer in community may create a small add-on to incorporate this functionality.