Extreme volatility with mariaDB on EE 3.5.6

Has anyone else seen extreme volatility with EE 3.5.6? Specifically, with MariaDB just shutting down? This is not a memory issue. I have had a nightmare of a day moving sites to a new server and even on the new server I have seen downtime with MariaDB. I’d post some logs but I’m too tired to dig them up at the moment.

I experienced it yesterday few times, but only on one server. I have Jetpack site monitor activated, and it was letting me know everytime the site went down. Restarting the VPS solved the issue temporarily. Now, its working alright.

Actually, site went down now again. MariaDB showing

* Starting MariaDB database server mysqld [fail]

Restarting the server…

Looking forward for the next version releasing on Monday.

Same here. I had backups but couldn’t get Maria started again. I tried purging and reinstalling. No luck. Just had to move the sites. I still have the server up so maybe this weekend I’ll do some more digging and see if I can reproduce all the errors I got with many different methods of trying to get it back online.

Same here. Horrible experience because of MariaDB issue. I can’t even connect to the mysql database through apps such Mysql Workbench or Sequel Pro.