Extra WordPress in subfolder

I’m using EasyEngine to host my website. I have created our main site with W3TC option. Now I want to create a separate WordPress install in a subfolder in this site at maindomain.com/blog1. I have created the following rules in the vhost.

location  /blog1 {  
     root /home/maindomain.com/public_html/blog1;  
     index index.php index.html index.htm;  
     try_files $uri $uri/ @wp;  
location @wp {  
  rewrite ^/blog1(.*) /blog1/index.php?q=$1;  

location /blog1/wp-admin {  
  redirect 301 /blog1/wp-admin/index.php;  

This basically works. What should I do to enable Fastcgi cache for this subfolder only?? Any help is appreciated.


You can enable FastCGI for entire website easily.
Why you need to enable FastCGI for sub-folder only?

The website does some geolocation things in php at init so we can’t enable full page caching there. I’m planning to rebuild that whole thing in a saner way but it’ll take time. Meanwhile, I want to move parts of the site to a separate WP install in a subfolder, and that’s the reason I want to do it for that particular folder only. I hope I’m clear enough…