Exclude or disable rtmedia on specific page


I use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/cm-download-manager/ But it will not work, when I have rtmedia installed. Is there some way to exclude the rtmedia to run on the page where I have cm download manager. I have tried the plugin called Plugin Organizer, but that wont work on my site. So I was thinking that you guys maybe know how to change or add some code to the rtmedia plugin, so it wont run on a specific page. I hope you can help me, because I really need to use cm download manager on my site. I hope you will write the code here, so I can insert it into the plugin code editor.


Can you show us what error your are getting?


I cant see the error. But when rtmedia is installed, you are not able to click on the download button in cm download manager. When rtmedia is disabled the download button works fine, and you can download files. Therefore I was thinking that, because you guys has been developing rtmedia, you must know how to disable rtmedia on a specific page.
You can try to make a test profile at http://meework.com, and go to the menu called “Publish”. There you can try to click on the button.


Try adding the following to your themes’ functions.php and see if it works.

function remove_rtmedia_script_from_cmdm_page(){  
    if ( is_singular('cmdm_page') )  


Thank you very much Joshua. I have a little question to the code. Do I need to put my page name where it is “cmdm_page”. Shall I then change it to “cmdm_publish”. Publish is the page where rdmedia shall be disabled on.


Nope you can use the code as it is. ‘cmdm_page’ is the name of the custom post type that the CM Download Manager Plugin uses. Hence rtMedia will get disabled on all the CM Download Manager pages. Incase you want to disable it on a particular page you can use the is_single() function.


Okay, thanks :slight_smile: What does this mean “cmdm_page’,12);” I mean the number “12”?


That is the priority of the action. The rtMedia script is enqueued on a priority 11. Hence we will only be able to dequeue it on a lower priority i.e after it has been enqueued. If we would have given it a priority of 10 or 9, what would have happened is, it would first try dequeueing the script that hasn’t already been enqueued.

Hope this makes it clear to you.


Hi Joshua

I am writing again. The code you gave me before dont work anymore, I dont know why. I have found this code to disable a plugin on a specific page. But it needs some modification so it match my page. Will you look at it, when you got the time, and rewrite it so match to rtmedia and cm download manager. I would really appreciate it. http://lowgravity.pl/blog/quick-tip-how-to-disable-wp-plugin-on-certain-page/


@sorensen84 - Unfortunately this is a little out of scope for the help and support that we can provide to the community. It is strange that the old code I had given you stopped working suddenly. Maybe the CM Download Manager plugin must have got updated.


Hi @sorensen84, We are closing this issue as your issue has been resolved and we didn’t hear anything from you since recentely. please visit our support forum for any rtMedia related issues.