Errors without activity steam turned on


Call to undefined function bp_activity_update_meta() in ../plugins/buddypress-media/includes/bp-media-class-wordpress.php on line 208

I don't need activity stream so we disable it, but the plugin only works with it on I guess, should there be some conditional check?


Sorry for issue u have faced.
Each media upload creates activity stream. As of now its tightly integrated.

If I am correct, u want to use media functionality without activity stream. But that will disable comments on media as well. Because as of now, media is wrapped inside activity and comments are stored actually on activity.

Can you provide details on how you are planning to use BuddyPress Media? We will certainly try to find a work-around if possible.


we will be removing this kind of integration with the activity component to isolate MediaBP in order to make it more flexible and robust, but you’ll have to wait for a while for this. Maybe completed by this month end.