Error's not displaying, confusion

I don't understand how Rtpanel works at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Whenever I try to edit any setting at all, for example in general, adding a favicon, I just get server error 500. The page displays, pretty much nothing, and when I inspect element on the source, there is just a bunch of unclosed code? I basically can't make anything, do anything, please save me from my incompetence. I have reinstalled both wordpress and rtpanel, other theme's work fine, I just can't make sense of this. Thanks for your time. Also here's an imgur albumn with my problems, thanks once again.

In the js, it also references

> RTP_IMG_FOLDER_URL . '/rtp-logo.jpg'


> RTP_IMG_FOLDER_URL . '/favicon.ico'

Neither the directory, or the img's exist?

Hi, Looks like your download is incomplete. Try re-downloading rtPanel.

I've re-downloaded it four times, twice from your website, and twice through wordpress. I've also reinstalled wordpress. Nothing has changed. Is there anything else I can try?

I have attached a jpeg with the contents of the rtpanel folder when downloaded from here; (I've removed all of the files from their original folders just to simplify for a screenshot), are these files all that is supposed to come with a download?

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Looks like some files are missing. Your folder structure should match the folder structure over here.

Thanks you, yes that fixed it.
Should check out your wordpress link? As far as I can tell, all downloads from there are incomplete.