Error Upgrading to 1.3


Hi there,

I just upgraded ee to 1.3 and after installation process completed I received the following error:

source /etc/bash_completion.d/ee  

EasyEngine (ee) Updated Successfully  
/usr/local/sbin/ee: line 2761: syntax error near unexpected token `  
/usr/local/sbin/ee: line 2761: `			echo -e "define('DB_NAME', '$WPDBNAME'); \ndefine('DB_USER', '$WPDBUSER'); \ndefine('DB_PASSWORD', '$WPDBPASS'); \ndefine('DB_HOST', '$MYSQLHOST');" \'  

it seems installation went thru, because I do have 1.3, but since the upgrade CPU levels are 98% usage. Newrelic says is www-data who is using ~85% CPU. I tried lowering the php-childs but that doesn’t seem to work. If I shut down php5-fpm it doesn’t seem to do any good. According to htop Mysql is using the most CPU.

If I disable Mysql for a couple of minutes the usage goes down, but is not like it was before.

Any suggestions, I did notice though using the new debug option there seems to be a lower CPU usage. (Again not as version 1.2).


Note: I updated your post to reflect attachment content.

Your EasyEngine is updated to 1.3. The codes you saw can be ignore. This is being discussed at -

About CPU load you are seeing, debug option when not active won’t create any additional CPU load. It shouldn’t reduce any CPU load either.

If you have activated debug mode, please check error logs and debug logs. You may see some plugins and theme related errors. Also in mysql slow log, you may find poorly coded SQL queries. This info will help you debug EasyEngine. But please note debug option only make debugging easy. It cannot debug automatically anything on its own (atleast for now).