Error updating from rc.2 to 4.0.0

Hello, I repeatedly get this error when running “ee cli update” command.

Error: The downloaded PHAR is broken, try running ee cli update again.

You guys have any thoughts on this?

UPDATE After checking the logs I could sort of that the error was due to me placing the map directive for my multisite in the wrong nginx configuration file.

Apparently the map directive from the nginx helper plugin does NOT belong here: /usr/local/openresty/nginx/conf/custom/user.conf

Now I just need to find out where it belongs. XD

After removing the map directive and running the update command again ee proceeded to update.

@verry You may find following articles helpful:


Hi, thank you for the links. Following the tree structure I found that any custom nginx configurations should be placed here:

This is where I had placed my map {…} rules from before. But placing the multisite map{…} rules here will result in the above mentioned error when updating EE though.

In the last line of /opt/easyengine/sites/ there is a reference to: include /usr/local/openresty/nginx/conf/custom/*.conf;

the problem is that that location does not exist.

Long story short, after fine combing the forum I found this post;

in which @rahul286 states that the map rules are since wp 3.5 no longer necessary. So I guess I can forget all about this hassle.

Hopefully you guys can get the documentation on this updated. Kind of makes me wonder what all else in the documentation that is outdated as well.