Error: 'stack' is not a registered ee command. See 'ee help' for available commands


Hi friends, good night!
I’m new to the forum and I hope someone can help me, because I’m already pulling my hair out of such sadness.

I migrated to v4 … but I have about 7 easy engine installed sites … a few days ago, all the sites went offline, and I do not know what’s happening, when they came in offilline in the past I rebooted and they came back from good, doing the checks php, ngnix, ect … but when I do the following message appears "Error: ‘stack’ is not a registered ee command. , Can someone help me? I’m new to this


The command structure has changed in EE4. See here

For example to restart a website and its services you would ee site restart – or to reload you would say reload instead of restart. It’s relatively straightforward just have a good read through the command structure and you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick.

You might want to brush up on the new site commands & its subdommands, as well as the new ee service commands and its subcommands.


I did what you asked for, I was even happy when you sued, but you gave the following error


Try removing the leftover containers

docker rm ....onlinecom_php_1
docker rm ....onlinecom_nginx_1


no sucess :confused:


Check for existing containers by docker ps -a



From your other screenshot, you typed in giftportalonlinecom.com_php instead of giftportalonlinecom_php

docker rm giftportalonlinecom_php_1
docker rm giftportalonlinecom_nginx_1

To list only those containers:

docker ps -a | grep giftportalonlinecom


ooh understand!!!


Can someone still help me?


What are you trying to do and what error are you getting now?


I am trying to reset using the ee stack restart command and gives the error message that is the title of the thread as I had already spoken


Read the commands dude,


If I came here to ask for help, it’s because I’ve been there before.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am just saying that ee stack isn’t listed on there. Check the ee service page.