Error on profile since update


When Ih visit a members profile and the media tab (not my own, that works fine) I get an errormessage:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function groups_is_user_member() in /www/XXX/XXX/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/group/BPMediaGroup.php on line 160

and the gallery doesn't work. :( Just updated today and would like to know, what to do now.



I tried to activate Groups, which I had deactivated, because I don't want them ;) Now the Media works, but I don't want to have groups and it worked fine in the last version without them. :( Why do I need them now?



This was a bug that we missed. thanks for pointing it out. We've just fixed this and released an update 2.5.1



Wow, that's fast ;) Thanks! Works fine now!