Error On Footer

I updated my Wp to the latest according to the latest update my footer vanished Only 1 footer item is there and the thingi that said built on Rtpannel with ur link is also Gone i had three widget in the footer which were in different sections- but now only one widget in one coloum show the only changes i made is to delete the hook after logo in the header file to get rid of the site description after logo Please help me !!

Hello Ashish,

I checked the footer on your site. There is a problem with your footer widget code (View my stats). I see that one of your script has not been closed properly. (See the screenshot)

Please correct the following script code:

OR Replace the whole text widget code with correct codes. That will solve your problem. Let me know if you face any issue while doing that.

Thanks, Suhas

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Thanks !! :)