Error: New site refers / points to old site


I created new wp site (ee site create mydomain --wp).
When I try to access to newdomain/wp-login.php I get 404 nginx error page.
The old site is a non wordpdress site.
I see the content of old site when new site to be loaded unfortunately.
I checked the access.log and error.log of the new site but both are empty.
I realized that the domain of newly created site (NEWSITEDOMAIN) connected to an old site on the server (OTHERDOMAIN).
When I run this command " grep -rnw ‘/var/log/’ -e ‘NEWSITEDOMAIN’ " to find some information about NEWSITEDOMAIN in log files I releazed that there are information in OTHERDOMAIN’s log files about new site, I got many lines from OTHERDOMAIN’s error.log and access.log file.

from access.log of OTHERDOMAIN:

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.access.log:64316:IPADDRESS - - [17/Mar/2016:17:54:09 +0100] NEWSITEDOMAIN “GET /wp-login.php HTTP/1.1” 404 134 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:43.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/43.0”

from error.log of OTHERDOMAIN:

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.error.log.1:13285850:2016/03/17 11:34:52 [debug] 14196#0: *346608 http header: “Host: NEWSITEDOMAIN”

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.error.log.1:13285854:2016/03/17 11:34:52 [debug] 14196#0: *346608 http header: “Referer: http://NEWSITEDOMAIN/wp-admin

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.error.log.1:13285863:2016/03/17 11:34:52 [notice] 14196#0: *346608 “^.+(readme|license|example).(txt|html)$” does not match “/wp-admin”, client: IPADDRESS, server: OTHERDOMAIN, request: “HEAD /wp-admin HTTP/1.1”, host: “NEWSITEDOMAIN”, referrer: “http://www.NEWSITEDOMAIN/wp-admin

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.error.log.1:13285893:2016/03/17 11:34:52 [info] 14196#0: [ngx_pagespeed] Trying to serve rewritten resource in-place: http://www.NEWSITEDOMAIN/wp-admin

/var/log/nginx/OTHERDOMAIN.error.log.1:13285896:2016/03/17 11:34:52 [info] 14196#0: [ngx_pagespeed] HTTPCache key=http://www.NEWSITEDOMAIN/wp-admin fragment=NEWSITEDOMAIN: remembering not-found status for 299 seconds.

Non of these sites use pagespeed.
The directory root path in nginx config file of NEWSITEDOMAIN seems to be correct.
Nothig changed after the run of command “ee clean --all”.
I have a few working sites on the server, which were created earlier. These are working well.
EE version 3.5.4
OS: Debian 7.9 (wheezy) updated

Does anyone have any idea what happened, what is wrong? Thank you for help in advance.