Error Loading URL Images - rtMedia Templates

When a user puts in a URL a box appears so that you can select images from the URL to display. The problem is that those images are blank. I am also getting this message in the back end of WP: Please update rtMedia template files if you have overridden the default rtMedia templates in your theme. If not, you can ignore and hide this notice.

I am using the latest versions of Inspirebook and RTMedia Pro.

How do I update the default rtMedia templates?

Hi Josiah,

If i understand correctly you are writing about URL previews in BuddyPress activity. The images which display in the preview are the ones where absolute url path is used like <img src=" " /> Relative URL’s like <img src="../images/email.gif" /> break for some sites and don’t show in the preview.

As for the updating template files message, please ignore that and you can hide that notice. The templates will be updated in next update of InspireBook and that message will disappear.