Error installing wordpress can't use root



First of all…thanks a lot for this script. Before finding it I spent countless hours trying to make wp work with nginx. Without succes. Thanks for sharing!

Right now I’m having a problem with permissions and users, that’s probably completely obvius to everybody…but I’m stuck.

So, the thing is I’m using root to install easyengine and to do the initial system install. Why? Because if I run it with ubuntu, I lack the permissions.

When I try to create a site like ‘ee site create --wp --wpfc’, it looks like everything is going fine until it gets to wordpress.In error log I find:"

` ^[[34mSetting Up WordPress, Please Wait...^[[0m Error: YIKES! It looks like you're running this as root. You probably meant to run this as the user that your WordPress install exists under.

If you REALLY mean to run this as root, we won’t stop you, but just bear in mind that any code on this site will then have full control of your server, making it quite DANGEROUS.

If you’d like to continue as root, please run this again, adding this flag: --allow-root

If you’d like to run it as the user that this site is under, you can run the following to become the respective user:

sudo -u USER -i -- wp ...  

[ Sun Feb 9 17:15:44 UTC 2014 ] ^[[31m Unable To Create WordPress Tables For ^.`

So, it looks like I can’t set it up as root…

ok, fine. So which user should i use?

I could go there and stup wordpress myself. However, I’m kind of afraid that your script performs some kind of special config that I would then miss.

thanks for your help.




First, thank for the updated EE. I saw the road-map, and IMO it is going in the right direction. I also like the new theme you set up.

Yesterday I was trying to set up a new server with EE but failed on this very step. I came here to ask : How can I fix it? Is it better to create 1 linux account for each website? Can you point me to a guide explaining how to do it?



This breaking is related to recent wp-cli change -

We will update easyengine asap.

Sorry for inconvenience.


We have update easyengine.

If you have removed easyengine, just install it again.

If it's still in broken state, please run following commands for a local fix:

rm -rf /tmp/easyengine  
git clone -b stable git:// /tmp/easyengine  
cp -a /tmp/easyengine/usr/local/sbin/easyengine /usr/local/sbin/

Feel free to let us know if you face any other issue.