Error installing EE4

Ubuntu 18.04.1
command: wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

Error: Errors were encountered while processing: 20181016052850_easyengine_insert_docker_images_version.php
Unable to pull easyengine/mariadb:v4.0.0. Please check logs for more details.

any help?

Got the exact same error. Using the same setup.

Just install without any error. What is in error logs?

No offense, but this is really bad, I tried the migration script, error, so I created a new droplet and go the same error as the OP… you guys really need to do some more testing before releasing something that is considered “Stable”

exact same error

This error in installation was not due to EasyEngine. Docker Hub API was down around that time and took considerable amount of time to get back up. Please refer the following GH issue and comment about the same: