Error installing EE on fresh Linode (ubuntu 16.04)

Hey everyone,

I just created a fresh Linode with Ubuntu 16.04LTS. While trying to install EE by pasting the standard installation command, I am getting the following error message …

error: could not create ‘/etc/ee’: File exists [ Thu Aug 25 07:56:14 UTC 2016 ] Unable to install EasyEngine, exit status 1

Anyone know what’s going on here ? I’ve installed EE many times, however this is the first time it’s on Linode … DO never gave me any trouble …

How to proceed from here ?

Greets, Lex

installing package data to build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg running install_data creating /etc/ee error: could not create ‘/etc/ee’: File exists [ Thu Aug 25 07:56:14 UTC 2016 ] Unable to install EasyEngine, exit status 1 ee: line 717: cd: /etc/ee: Not a directory error: readlink(“proc/10/exe”): No such file or directory error: unable to index file proc/10/exe fatal: adding files failed ee: line 795: ee: command not found

Ok strange,

I removed the linode and did everything again -> created a new linode, ubuntu 16.04, did an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade first and then installed EE again.

Now it worked… what can I say…


I am writing a user guide about how we use EE. I put this in as the next step after creating a super-user password. While I do not use linode, I’ve had this issue as recent as last week and have had it a number of times in the past.

Hi Bamajr,

That sounds like a great idea… I’ve not had that problem with DO, so I figured that it was linode’s fault. However I was wrong. I just spinned up a new droplet and started installing things and I got errors in abundance on DO as well …

The only difference from when I was working error free is that ALL errors have occurred on 16.04 with me. Never had any problem whatsoever on 14.04. So it might be that, but I am not sure …


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I use Google’s Cloud Platform and Debian exclusively and I have run into this issue (or very similar) on both 7 & 8. Just ran into it a couple days ago, testing a new config.

I see many users here report issues with 16.04, why not install fresh 14.0? Is there something in 16.04 that necessitates its use?

Got an error too with a linode and 16.04 last week, I have setup another one, no error … Sometimes, it’s like that :relieved:

The error seems to cause when a fresh install of EasyEngine is done on a system which previously had EasyEngine removed and some files weren’t removed. As /etc/ee is the config file of EasyEngine and error could not create '/etc/ee': File exist could only occur under above mentioned circumstance.

Next time I see this, I’ll have to specifically look for the “File exists” portion of the mentioned error, just to make sure. The issue I’ve experienced has only occured on new (fresh installations), where EE has NOT yet been installed.