Error installing BuddyPress Media Component Plugin on localhost[xampp]

i had installed wordpress then buddypress on my localhost successfully.

but when I tried to install BuddyPress Media Component Plugin I encoutered an error saying :

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\buddypress-media\includes\bp-media-class-wordpress.php"

any ideas why this is happening?would like to know how to fix this error. Hoping for your fast actions. :))

The file is not uploaded correctly, it happens when you try to activate a plugin that is still being uploaded or somehow the files didn’t get uploaded completely, try reuploading the files and it will work

I’m also having this same issue. Tried multiple times to upload the files in different ways. I’m also using a windows setup.

Found the solution, apparently it has something to do with the default settings in php.ini

here’s some info on it

setting short_open_tag = On seems to fix the issue.


Glad to know your error disappeared but we don’t use short_open_tag. We also checked libraries we are using and they also don’t have short_open_tag.

Most likely its some other plugin or some other issue on your setup.



On line 373 of bp-media-class-wordpress.php it looks like there’s a single short open tag. This was in


I can see that…

I am sorry for my teams mistake. We will immediately fix it.

@johnboker and @madken: Sorry for the trouble caused, and thanks for the notifying the issue. The issue has been fixed and the new version(2.0.3) with the minor fix is available on wordpress.