Error installing admin tools


Hi all,

If I try to install the admin tools with I get the following message :
$ sudo ee stack install --admin

PHP already installed MySQL connection is already alive Downloading phpMyAdmin [Done] Downloading Adminer [Done] Downloading phpMemcachedAdmin Unable to download file, /tmp/memcache.tar.gz

Anyone know how to solve this ?



I’m running EE as root and never get this error. Try as root and tell us if it solve the problem


I just answered another topic regarding this very same issue.


Thanks for your reply … however I am running into all sorts of issues with Ubuntu 16.04 and I am starting to consider to move back to 14.04 …

Someone already asked me why I am using 16.04 and no 14.04 … The answer is simply : because I installed EE on some new servers and it was written that it was compatible with 16.04… hence I installed it …


What says:

tail /var/log/ee/ee.log -n30

(display end of ee’s logfile…)