Error from Blogger after copying and pasting?


I am getting an error message from Blogger after copying and pasting the code: "Error parsing XML, line 52, column 6: The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed."

Now, I'm stuck. Can you help?




Hi Julia, This forum topic will be helpful to you Thanks, --Nitun


Hi Nitun!

Thanks! That worked but now I get "Internet Explorer cannot display webpage" when I try to "View Blog." The PREVIEW of the blog however, shows my homepage of my Wordpress site. Judging by some of the other posts/comments, I guess I need to contact HostGator (my hosting company) to fix that?

Thanks again!



May I know what is the old blogpost URL and current WP URL?



Old Blog from Blogger:

New WP Blog URL:


I can see this subdomain ( is not working, as there is not any CNAME or A records. Get in touch with the Hostgator support team. They will help you with this. Thanks,