Error creating subdomain


I am trying to install the subdomain to point it to the domain But I get these messages when trying:

root@VPSsites:~# ee site create --wpsubdir --letsencrypt --admin-user=murilo --dbuser=container --dbpass=1container2
Configuring project.
Creating WordPress site
Copying configuration files.
Starting site’s services.
Downloading and configuring WordPress.
Error: Unable to download wp core.
Warning: Couldn’t connect to global-db:3306 or there was issue in wp config create. Please check logs.
Warning: Initiating clean-up.
[] Docker Containers removed.
[] site root removed.
Site deleted.

Log ee.log:

[09-04-2019 19:09:28] ee.DEBUG: COMMAND: docker-compose exec --user=‘www-data’ php wp core download --path=/var/www/htdocs --locale=‘en_US’
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.DEBUG: STDOUT: ^[[31;1mError:^[[0m WordPress files seem to already be present here.
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.DEBUG: RETURN CODE: 1
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.DEBUG: -----------------------
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.ERROR: Unable to download wp core.
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.DEBUG: -----------------------
[09-04-2019 19:09:31] ee.DEBUG: COMMAND: docker-compose exec --user=‘www-data’ php wp config create --dbuser=‘container’ --dbname='container_$
[09-04-2019 19:09:41] ee.DEBUG: STDOUT: ^[[31;1mError:^[[0m The ‘wp-config.php’ file already exists.
[09-04-2019 19:09:41] ee.DEBUG: RETURN CODE: 1

I need help for solv this problem!!!

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