Error connecting to database

Everyone, all good?

I’ve been having a problem with an EE installation.

I have a VPS with 2GB RAM, 2vCPUs and 40GB SSD. Only with this WP portal running.

Recently the client made a subject on a Youtuber, the portal has been receiving a high number of simultaneous visits, I realized that when it passes the 100 accesses at the same time, that of the database connection error.

I have seen some time ago, some issues regarding connection limits in the database, but I can not find it.

Can anybody help me?

You probably aren’t using any cache.

I have customers who get 5.000 users online on a VPS with similar configurations with zero issues.

If you need a professional hosting PM me (in Portuguese, English or Spanish, as you wish).

I have EE with Redis Cache.

This only happened when it peaked at 8pm yesterday, in the error and access logs I did not find any problems.

the problem is not in the easy engine, but in the amount of memory that is dedicating to your site, if your site is wordpress edit the file default-constants.php

By default wordpress devotes 64mg of ram, increases to 128 minimum memory and 512 maximum memory, probably your problem will be solved.