Error comes up when ever uploading video files


i have tried to upload several mp4 videos and every time it returns Error Uploading File. I have had no problems uploading mp3's or images and my upload limit in my php ini settings for maximum file size for uploads ( i had to up the limit to over 11900m to accommodate some of the larger files i had to upload and offering when i added a eCommerce store onto my server that offers digital downloads) is well over the size of any of the files i am trying to upload that are mp4. Is their a setting in a core php file or a config file with in WordPress or BuddyPress i need to change for the size limit or for allowed file types that I am missing.


Error Uploading File

This error message appears when wordpress is unable to mark the file you uploaded as an attachment, this can happen due to many reasons, one being you’ve not allowed .mp4 uploads in the wordpress.
For eg. if you are using multisite, then when you go to network admin, you’ll find in settings the allowed extensions for uploads(see in the attachment below)

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i am not using a multi site for word press since my e shop dose not use WordPress and i have looked threw out all my setting in my admin menu’s and i can not seem to see where to change allowable file types or upload size the current version of WordPress i am using is 3.4.2 and BuddyPress is version 1.6.1 this is why i asked was it a php page i need to edit as when i first started using WordPress for my site almost 2 years ago i had to change a setting on a php page with in WordPress as it was not allowing users to upload images with the extension in caps.


OK i found the problem after some hunting around and some serious goggling. when i changed my php ini file to handle the max size to upload that was fine but after some reading i found out since this was something that was posting to a users profile i needed to also change the post size limit so after i raised that up to handle the average video size the upload went fine and the video uploaded with no problem. maybe you should put something in the faq or a not that pops up after installing for new users to make sure they change the max size and post limit in their php ini file on their server.and even possibly the memory limit (i don’t know if memory would have caused a issue mine is already set at a very high level due to my e shop0 i would suggest they be told to set their max post size to a minimum of 60m or a max of 300m since their is some music video and videos people post on the internet that are very large in size, and they set their max upload size to the same limit they set their max post size. if memory ends up becoming a issue the limit that would probably work best would to up it to 128m but no more than 256m to cover any multipal uploads of video when that option happens or multipal users uploading at the same time so it don’t slow their site down or time them out.


Thanks for posting back your solution. We’ll add this soon to the FAQs section since this problem is being faced by many sites as the admins probably don’t inspect the max upload size and max post size before adding this plugin.


i am glad i found a solution and it can help out others in the future. i never thought to check there since i figured every thing should be already set since my max upload size was already well over what the size most mp4 videos most would upload. it was after reading a page i found on Google that i go and check to see what the post size was. i do not know how well this will work for any one who can not change their php ini files as i have had issues in the past when using shared hosting account and having to make a php ini file to handle the max upload mem and post sizes i was still limited to on how big i could set them before the host either stepped in and deleted the file or the server would reject it and would revert to the preset standards.

maybe their is some one who can try a bunch of the free hosting sites that are of the most popular ones used and reach out to any one who may already be using this plugin but has a host that dose not let them change their php ini files and they have to use a secondary php ini to find out what the limits can be set at for that case.

as i suspect this plugin will become very popular for any WordPress site with BuddyPress installed as it provides so much more functionality than any other media plugin out there that allows users to just more than upload pics with out having to get multipal plugins to cover music and videos or one that dose have all 3 but are stuck having to sign up with a 3rd party to host every thing.which i have been avoiding because as my site has grown if i had to use such a plugin i would be paying out more than im taking in at this time and would have had to drop since it would not be economical to pay a third party to host my users media files.

truth wrote:
allows users to just more than upload pics with out having to get multipal plugins to cover music and videos or one that dose have all 3 but are stuck having to sign up with a 3rd party to host every thing

We believe in data-liberation. :slight_smile:

Its very important for us that our users never get locked with a 3rd-party server. For this reason, buddypress-media addons that will support 3rd-party services, e.g. Kaltura, will also keep everything copied on local WordPresss server.


hi @utlinc, We are closing this issue as your issue has been resolved and we didn’t hear anything from you recently. please visit our support forum for any rtMedia related issues.