Error 521 after upgrading from ee v3.8 to v4


I followed this guide to upgrade from ee v3.8 to v4, but now the website seems down and I get error 521.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

I managed to find the solution, I had to add exception to digitalocean’s firewall for the new ports 8080 and 8430.

I have another issue now. It seems that the website still runs from the ee v3.8 and not v4. I see that ee v4 is installed but there is no site in it’s folder. Also, although I updated php to v7.3, my wordpress websites still runs v7.0 from ee v3.8.

How can I transfer my website to run from ee v4?

I don’t know if this help you but this is what I did:

Created new server and installed ee v4.
Created site backup using duplicator plugin for free.
Restored site in ee v4.
Destroyed old server.

It’s what I did. But it shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s easyengine :stuck_out_tongue:

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