Error 503 when visiting to droplet IP

I suppose by default easy engine return 503 when visiting to server (or Digital Ocean droplet in my case) IP. When using DO (digital ocean) load balancer, it needs HTTP status 200 on all droplets in order it to function correctly.

I am creating a load balancer with two droplets. One isn’t using easy engine and I have managed to return status 200 but the other one is using easy engine and I am NOT able to return 200 directly.

So, I have redirect to one of the site hosted on same droplet when visiting but the load balancer still not finding it as a healthy droplet thus it is still not working.

Any chance I can return 200 with easy engine or nginx when visiting the droplet IP directly? Shall I install nginx out of easyengine and return 200?

Thanks in advance!

Why not just do DNS LB? Is that an option anymore?

I am sorry, I am not familiar with DNS Load Balancing. Can it be done across multiple droplets?