Enabling Caching

I just created a WP site and restored it from a backup. I did not add --cache while creating the site. I thought ‘ee site update’ would help me fix it, but could not find a way to enable caching at all.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Thank you…

The update command doesn’t support adding or removing caching for now. So you’ll need to re-create the site with the cache flag and restore your backup. Once you restore your backup, go to wp admin and install and activate the nginx-helper plugin and the WP Redis plugin by Pantheon. Then go to settings > nginx helper and switch the caching method to Redis. You can also go to settings > Redis and make sure the object cache is enabled. All the settings will already be filled out for you by easyengine.

Thats the only option which came to my mind. It’s done already. Thanks mate… :blush: