Enable SSL (letsencrypt) for only to be used on checkout page

I used ee site update example.com --letsencrypt to enable ssl for a site but that converts the site to ssl as well. Is there any way to just enable ssl but keep using HTTP ?

I only want to force ssl for the checkout page (woocommerce)

Remove the force ssl file at /var/www/[stie-name]/config/

Then in woocommerce setting > checkout >check for SSL on checkout page.

However I would highly recommend using SSL on your whole site. It improves SEO scores and helps prevent malicious attacks and phishing scams using your site. Unless you have a specific problem force it.

I can’t find any force file in that directory, but I can find a force file at


I deleted that but still the site is getting redirected to https. I tried changing the site url from wordpress settings to be non https but it reverts back to https on save.

Any ideas?

Been looking around and there is no easy way to do this? Can someone help?

There is now easy way to do it. I think no one here will be able to help, unfortunately.

Figured it out.

Just delete the force-ssl-domain.com.conf file from /etc/nginx/conf.d

And then goto /etc/nginx/sites-available and open the config filed named just domain.com from the directory and add listen 80; after server {

Restarted server, cleaned cached and it all worked fine after that. Http and Https both with http as default.