Enable Masonry Cascading grid layout for activity

I enabled the new “Enable Masonry Cascading grid layout for activity” settings, I regenerated thumbnails, I deactivated all the plugins except buddypress and rtmedia… but I cannot see any masonry grid layout for buddypress activity page :frowning: Any idea how to solve it? Thanks in advance!! Ositive

Hello @Ositive,

Could you please share any screenshot or website URL for your issue?

Also, once try uploading new media.


Here It is:

I also tried to upload other Images. . Thanks!

Hello @Ositive,

We found that your website is loading from cache. Please, once clear your cache, try deactivating any related plugin ( autoptimize ) you are using for the same.

Let us know if that works for you.


Hello @pranalipatel first thank you for the (as usual) fast response

  • I cleared the cache
  • deacticated autoptimize (and other chace settings)
  • tried to load new images but it doesn’t work…

You are welcome @Ositive,

We debugged further and found that you are having some custom CSS code under BuddyPress template which is preventing the masonry work by adding 100% width to rtMedia classes.

Could you please once check with the default BuddyPress plugin and rtMedia plugin?


Changing the buddupress css it works :slight_smile: Thanks for helping!!

You are welcome @Ositive,

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

I am closing this ticket now.

Regards, Pranali