Embed Videos in media section and NOT in activity stream

Hi Guys

I’d like to enable the possibility to embed videos (youtube and/or vimeo) in the media section of a profile. At the moment it’s just possible to upload videos from computer. It’s really important to have this function in the media section and not in the activity stream.

Anyway, I’m wondering why this is still missing in rtMedia. Enable uploading videos means big server capacities means high costs. So it’s much easier to use youtube instead.

Any ideas?


I can’t agree more. Even free plugins for buddypress has this feature. My user are asking about this all the time but I can’t find another solution for now than let them add their video on the activity stream. Which is not good as the activity can become quite long and the video link disappears in there after a while. This feature should be made for a long time ago. I’ve seen topic about this early as 2013.

Maybe any comment from the developers? Unfortunately rtMedia is nearly useless for me without this feature.

Hello @pixelparadies, @felipechamorrov,

We kindly suggest you to add your ideas at rtMedia https://rtcamp.com/products/rtmedia-pro/#tab-1416489910959-3-8 that way we can collect such nice ideas from our customer and provide features in our plugins.

Thank you!

Thank you @pranalipatel, I would like to add this idea but I can’t register on this page. The link in the confirmation email refers to a 404 page.

Hello @pixelparadies,

The email confirmation issue has been fixed. Please try it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!