Emails being flagged as spam


My emails are being flagged as spam from my VPS with easyengine installed e.g., automated logwatch reports. I am hosting my emails with with a custom domain name. So when logwatch sends a report to ‘’ the email says the sender is ‘’ and flags it as spam. The root user account on my VPS ‘root’ and the hostname for the server ‘’. Also when i was setting up for email i did enter the provided SRV,TXT and MX records.

Can someone help with this problem?


Can you check if your domain/IP is on blacklist? -


It did that check after reading your tutorials on Postfix. The IP/domain name is not blacklisted. I am wondering if is being overly aggressive with it spam detection. I normally see alot of emails from new companies flagged as spam

Can set the default email address Postfix uses to something like '' which is being hosted with


I got it sorted out but emails are still flagged as spam but i am not longer concerned. The email server Microsoft uses with my outlook email is on an email blacklist. So i think is flagging my emails as spammed because that server is blacklisted


Thanks for update.

As a test, you may remove server from blacklist and check if mails doens't get flagged as spam.