Email encryption howto


can someone help me fine an email encryption set up with the email stack?


Why don’t you use Sendgrid or any other service out there? In my opinion you would have a much better delivery rate.


hey @Francisc_Furdui

i will check out sendgrid, but i was looking for a more free method of juts using linux tools to encrypt my email…

thanks for your help



@mahir What type of email are we talking about? Email that is being sent from a WordPress install or email that is being sent internally in the server alerting you of errors or are we talking about regular old email that you want to send from a web or desktop client? I concur with @Francisc_Furdui that you should be using a transactional email service for all your WP site and internal server email. Also, I don’t recommend hosting business email or email on the same server you have a site on. Try Proton Mail for encrypted communication. There are other encrypted options out there too. Just Google for them. Use SparkPost for your transactional email. They give you 100,000 free sends per month and they have a handy API for sending in WP (have to setup postfix with SMTP with them for internal mail). They also have a WP plugin. Hope this helps.


ive been moving house! sorry i didnt see this earlier… thank you for your help, im going to check these out.

i have various domains, which are all aliasses of one domain using google apps.

so i want to be able to send emails from the system, error messages from fail2ban, wordpress, root logs etc, to whomever needs them - but when i do, i see that google keeps saying - “this person might not be who they say they are” etc…

hense im looking for some encyrption and dkim stuffs