Email client setup

Hi, I’ve followed your tutorial on setting up an email stack and VimBadmin. I created an email account for a FQDN that I have on this droplet.

When I try to setup this account on my email client ( I cannot get the settings right, or perhaps I haven’t fully configured email on the server

In I’m using

incoming server
user              [email protected]
port              993, SSL, password authentication

outgoing server
user               [email protected]
port               465, SSL, password authentication

HI @jimlongo, Make sure following things.

  1. DNS record for and is pointed to your droplet IP. or you can just you also.
  2. Your mail ports, 993 and 465 are open on server.
  3. Use our mail testing tutorial to check mail server is working or not.

Hello @jimlongo

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: